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LDS Site and Building Customers, if you began your project before October 21 and are experiencing issues with accessing your converted plans and documents or are receiving an error, please complete this form. We are working to resolve these issues and will provide an update as soon as possible.

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General Disclaimer

I hereby certify that I have the authority to make the foregoing application, that the application is correct, and that the construction or use will conform to the requirements in the applicable Virginia Uniform Statewide Building Code, the current adopted Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code, the Code of the County of Fairfax, the Fairfax County Zoning Ordinance, and all other applicable laws, codes, and standards.

By submitting this form, I acknowledge that this document is a public record under both the Virginia Public Records Act and the Virginia Freedom of Information Act. As a public record, it must be retained by Fairfax County in accordance with relevant retention time periods and may be subject to release under the Virginia Freedom of Information Act.



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