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Due to a technical issue impacting county systems, customers are experiencing difficulty accessing, downloading, and uploading documents in PLUS. Thank you for your patience as we work to resolve this.

LDS building permit and site plan customers, if you are experiencing issues accessing or processing your permit or plan that was started in FIDO, PAWS or ProjectDox and converted to PLUS, please contact our Customer Experience Team for further assistance at 703-222-0801, TTY 711 or by form.

For step-by-step submission details for all building and site permit/plan records in PLUS, visit the new LDS Permit Library.

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To determine whether your project needs a permit, visit When A Permit is Required.

For step-by-step submission details by record type, visit the LDS Permit Library.

For helpful videos, visit the PLUS YouTube Channel.
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If you are unable to find historical records in PLUS, you will be able to locate your record at the Land Development Information History webpage.

If you are searching for a permit from the FIDO system, please enter an asterisk in front of your permit number (e.g. *123456789). 
The PLUS Search function should not be used for volumetric reporting.

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